Clio Conference "The future of Europe: Integration or Alienation?"
2 May 2017 08:30
Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is a public event. For further information and registration, please view the website of Clio.

In light of recent events, the topic of integration and disintegration has increasingly become more current. Starting with the refugee crisis, the Greek debt crisis, and continuing to one of the most debatable subjects, the Brexit, the question of European unity and future turned out to be highly contested. The Conference will therefore address issues such as Euroscepticism, European strategies and policies but also give us a glance to future possibilities that lay ahead.

“The Future of Europe: Integration or Alienation” will be the topic for the Clio Conference 2017 and it is one that concerns us both on an individual level as well as on the level of the European community as a whole. This year's Clio Conference presents a perfect opportunity to get insight on different viewpoints and the challenges Europe is facing and express your opinion on the situation.

At this event staff of Clingendael will present two workshops: 
- Paul Meerts will give an exstensive workshop about negotiations in the European Union on a crisis in the Mediterranean. After a short introduction participants will simulate a negotiation in the context of the EU Political and Security Committee (PSC) which will be debriefed at the end of the workshop.

- Michiel Luining will conduct a workshop providing an impartial presentation of the topic of Euroscepticism, which allows for an objective perspective on this controversial issue.

The full programme can be found here.