The politics of energy security and green growth in MICs
Europe/Amsterdam 10 2016 10:00
Source: Statkraft/flickr

This meeting was upon invitation only. For the round table discussion Chatham House rule applied.   

Green growth is increasingly gaining traction as a way to reconcile lasting and broad-based economic growth with climate change mitigation and the goal of sustainable development. In order to achieve green growth, the energy sector is a central concern. As reliable and secure access to energy at an affordable price is a precondition for economic prosperity, the alignment of green growth and energy security is of crucial importance for climate mitigation efforts to succeed.

In this roundtable event experts, policy makers, diplomats and academics discussed how energy security and green growth objectives relate to each other. Furthermore, participants discussed the findings of the research project on energy security and green growth in Colombia, Kenya, and Indonesia. The importance of a political economy approach was stressed throughout the event; it shifts the focus from a purely technical-economic analysis towards one which also incorporates the power and wealth of —sometimes competing— stakeholders that shape the political context in which green growth can materialise. 

The programme can be accessed below.

This event builds on a two-year research project on energy security and green growth. The policy briefs and reports that Clingendael published on these topics can be found below.