Seminar - State failure in the Middle East: a paralyzed world order?
Europe/Amsterdam 02 2016 14:30
Source: Yazan Homsy/flickr

This event is upon personal invitation only and Chatham House rule is applied.


It is with great pleasure and pride that Clingendael welcomes one of the greatest scholars of our time on war, civil conflict, state failure and international order, James D. Fearon, Theodore and Frances Geballe Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University and Senior Fellow at the Freeman-Spogli Institute for International Studies. Prof. Fearon is one of the most respected IR scholars and renowned for his ground-breaking work.       

The Clingendael Institute, in collaboration with Groningen University, organises  a unique exchange between top scholars and leading policy-makers on state failure in the Middle East and ensuing pressures on world order. Professor Fearon will diagnose problems and probe into policy trade-offs together with policy-makers and academics in an informal setting during this Clingendael Futures Seminar. The meeting aims for an exchange between the latest scientific insights and policy problems. The event is part of the Clingendael Strategic Monitor Program.

How to deal with the pressure of conflicts, particularly in the Middle East? Policy-makers feel an urgent need to act but the available options seem unattractive or have proven insufficient to address root causes. At the same time, international politics appears paralyzed by great-power interest-conundrums. Have the pressures on world order risen to unsustainable levels? Can the Security Council and the UN more broadly retain a position of leadership and ensure 'international peace and security'? And if not, is there any role left for regional and transcontinental actors?