Clingendael giving evidence in British Parliament
07 Nov 2017 - 16:17
Source: Number 10/flickr

Clingendael Senior Research Fellow Margriet Drent was invited to give evidence in the inquiry of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons, with the aim to explore the future of Britain's diplomatic relationship with the EU and its Member States, particularly in the light of Prime Minister May's proposal for a new UK-EU ‘Security Treaty’. It focuses on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s role and effectiveness in developing a coherent strategic approach to diplomacy towards Europe after the UK leaves the EU.

A video registration of this session can be found here.

Since the June 2016 decision to withdraw from the EU, British ministers have repeatedly stated that the UK is "leaving the EU, but not leaving Europe", indicating a wish to retain a "deep and special partnership" with the Union and its Member States.

This inquiry was held in view of the UK Government's initiative to re-think its approach to diplomacy in Europe, putting bilateral relationships with the EU-27 at the heart of its strategy. At the same time, new ways for the UK to engage with the EU’s institutions will need to be developed in order to build a close and successful foreign, security and defence policy partnership.