Diplomats strengthen understanding of the humanitarian world
25 Nov 2020 - 16:09
Source: Clingendael

What is the legal basis for humanitarian aid and what are the humanitarian principles? What are different types of aid organisations and which challenges do they face in the field? How is humanitarian aid coordinated at different levels? How can diplomats and aid workers collaborate more effectively while safeguarding the humanitarian principles?

These and more questions were answered during the first two editions of the online course titled ‘Diplomacy and the Humanitarian World’, held in October and November. By expanding the diplomats’ understanding of the humanitarian world, we aim to bring the humanitarian sector and the diplomatic sector closer together.

Thirty diplomats, currently or soon to be working on humanitarian dossiers either from capital or abroad, delved deeper into a wide range of topics related to the humanitarian world through self-paced modules, as well as live sessions. Who are better equipped in talking about these topics than the experts themselves? We were therefore happy to welcome experienced humanitarians from the field and headquarters, as well as diplomats from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to engage in frank and lively discussions with the participants.

The diplomats underlined among others the importance of obtaining more knowledge of the principles guiding humanitarian aid as well as the relevance of having open discussions in a safe learning environment.