Director General for Agriculture and Nature visits Clingendael
18 Jul 2016 - 16:46

After six modules that covered topics ranging from the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy to climate negotiations, the closing ceremony was at hand. To wrap up the programme, Director General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Hans Hoogeveen delivered a presentation and chaired a final group discussion. In his speech, Mr. Hoogeveen emphasised the importance of the programme provided by Clingendael, and the international mindset it seeks to instil on the policy officers from his Directorate.

20th anniversary of providing the relevant skills and knowledge

The course participants that successfully completed the tailor-made program received their hard-earned certificates from the hands of Mr. Hoogeveen and Mr. Ron Ton, Director of Clingendael Academy.

The final ceremony marked the 20th time that the course ‘Leergang Internationaal Beleid’ was taught by Clingendael Academy, which first ran the programme in 2001.

Throughout these past 15 years the aim of the training has remained the same: to provide the officials from one of the largest DG’s within the Dutch government with the international knowledge and skills required to operate effectively on the international stage.

Reinforcing the institutional knowledge to tackle challenges ahead

During the plenary discussion chaired by Mr. Hoogeveen participants stressed the importance of reinforcing the institutional knowledge that was gained during the Dutch EU Presidency and the need to not only maintain but further expand the Ministry’s strengthened international network.

This international focus should allow the department to tackle the significant challenges ahead, including the impending reality of a Brexit that looks set to redraw the EU’s agricultural policies.

To carve out a place of prominence in this newly developing landscape, the Netherlands will need to be creative and proactive in its engagement with both national and international stakeholders.

More information?

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