Dutch Security policy officers engage in online training
15 Jul 2020 - 10:47
Source: Clingendael

For four days, new colleagues to the Directorate of Security Policy of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in an online course on International Security. In this Clingendael Academy ‘blended method' training programme, the participants had access to preparatory e-learning modules and participated in live online sessions in which they analyzed and discussed new security trends with our experts and with one another.

The programme kicked off with a broad perspective on security policy and discussions, with a diverse panel of speakers, on the role of international organisations herein. Throughout the programme, various topics such as peacekeeping missions, nuclear security and terrorism were discussed. In addition, both the participants and experts also further dove into the dynamics of new forms of warfare. In this, the policy officers for example examined the role and use of drones in the Libyan civil war.

The programme was concluded a ‘cyber-day’ in which the entire day was dedicated to interviewing experts on the challenges and developments in cyber-security and more specifically, the role of China in the international arena. All these questions and thematic discussions that took place throughout the four days of intensive training, led to a successful and thought-provoking and interactive programme.