First 2022 Course on International Politics concluded 
07 Apr 2022 - 13:01
Source: Clingendael

Last week, the first Course on International Politics of 2022 was successfully concluded. Over the course of 8 afternoons, a diverse group of 20 international professionals with various backgrounds and experiences came together to discuss the dynamic world of international politics.  

The course was divided into five different modules:  

  1. Sketching trends in International Politics;  

  1. Systemic frameworks of international politics;  

  1. The EU’s quest for strategic autonomy 

  1. Eyeing the future;  

  1. Scenario building and closing: looking towards international politics in 2030.  

Within these modules, the participants actively delved into discussing and exploring a wide range of topics ranging from international security to global economy and climate change, as well as international politics in different regions such as the MENA, Russia, and China. 

The Course International Politics seeks to combine and invite lecturers with theoretical knowledge as well as practitioners from the field with practical knowledge on their respective expertise. By combining this theory with workshops such as mapping trends, international negotiations, and scenario building, we aim to make sure the participants benefit as much as possible and are thereby also able to strengthen their knowledge and skills within the field of international politics.    

We look back at a very successful first edition of 2022! 

Interested in expanding your knowledge of International Politics? The course is organised three times year and is open to anyone who wishes to increase or update their knowledge of international affairs.  

Take a look at the course page for more information or to sign up for the next edition!