Online Training for Indonesian Junior Diplomats Kicked off
02 Mar 2022 - 08:47
Source: Clingendael

Yesterday March 1st marked the first day of the three-week training on diplomatic practice for 15 Indonesian Junior diplomats. The training continues the special relationship between Clingendael Academy and the Indonesian MFA’s Centre of Education and Training (CET), which was established in 2004.

The day started with official opening speeches by the director of the Clingendael Academy, Mr Ron Ton and the director of CET, Dr Mulyana. Afterwards, the group had the opportunity to introduce themselves, get to know each other and participate in a quiz about the Netherlands. The day ended with a lively discussion on the trends and challenges of diplomacy in the 21st century.

The coming weeks, the programme will cover several skills-based sessions, such as effective intercultural communication, international negotiations and nation branding & public diplomacy. Substantive and relevant topics, for instance the Agenda 2030, the European Union and Cyber Security, will also play an essential role throughout the programme.

While the trainers log in from the Clingendael studio’s in the Hague, participants are both calling in from their home offices as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta. The diplomats’ diverse backgrounds and valuable contributions will make for a productive and interactive learning experience.