Tackling International Politics
08 Mar 2018 - 17:01
Source: Britt Reints-flickr

How does one keep track of the some of the 2018 trending topics in the realm of International Politics? 

What are the newest international political developments on the various continents?
What are some of the geopolitical consequences in the area of energy?
How imminent is the threat of cyber operations?
What do we mean when we talk about financing for development?

These are only some of the thematic  topics in which fifteen professionals from different sectors will engage in during our Course International Politics that kicked off this week.

The programme, which has been organised since the nineties, consists of eight half-day sessions with a total of fourteen different interactive lectures. The course consists of the following thematic modules:

  • Power Shifts in the Global System
  • International Security
  • International Economic Development
  • European Union
  • Sustainable Development

These provide the foundation for both lectures presenting a broader outlook, and sessions that aim to submerge the participants into the various dimensions of international politics by focusing on specific case studies regarding current international developments.

The first day proved to be one in which the participants where directly introduced to both the historical and current international political trends and how these have developed overtime. This formed a great basis for what the professionals are yet to tackle in the next coming weeks.

Interested in tackling topics on International Politics? Register now for our Autumn 2018 edition (8 October - 26 November 2018, Dutch language).