Training on non-conventional threats
27 Sep 2021 - 17:36

Which non-conventional threats and challenges does Georgia face? And what does the future hold regarding these threats? In this four-day cooperation with the Defense Institution Building School (DIBS), security experts from the Georgian public sector and the Clingendael Institute shared insights regarding hybrid threats, cyber warfare, nuclear challenges, disinformation and strategic communication. 

The participants engaged in challenging digital simulations, strategic analysis assignments, interactive lectures and skills workshops. The training ended with a multi-day scenario-building and table-top exercise. In it, the Georgian participants identified different possible scenarios and consequences for national security.  

Cooperation between Clingendael Academy and DIBS 

This training is part of a bigger NATO-funded cooperation between Clingendael Academy and DIBS in Georgia. In this multi-year capacity programme, Clingendael Academy supports DIBS in their efforts as a leading training centre for the Georgian security sector. 

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