Annual Report 2014
Clingendael Annual Report 2014

The Clingendael Annual Report 2014 is a reflection of the Clingendael Institute’s activities. For the most part, it gives an overview of the highlights of our research, training and public outreach accomplishments, with additional data from the corporate staff on finances and communication. A separate section is included on the Internationale Spectator, the only Dutch-language magazine on international affairs.

2014 was a productive year, in which both Clingendael Research and Clingendael Academy realized a large number of projects, publications, training programmes and events for very diverse commissioning parties and audiences.

Clingendael Research was involved in projects in the fields of European studies, international security and crisis management, diplomacy and regional developments. A detailed analysis on global security-related trends was presented in the Clingendael Monitor 2014. Our diary included almost 450 media appearances, with the majority related to the crash of flight MH17 and the crisis in Ukraine. Clingendael’s research staff extended its network, which was visible in the number of co-hosted projects with other institutions, both in the Netherlands and abroad.