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The European Intervention Initiative: a 'new kid on the block'

09 Dec 2019 - 12:20
Source: Countries who joined the European Intervention Initiative © Clingendael Institute
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The European Intervention Initiative as a new kid on the block of multinational defence cooperation

European defence cooperation is characterised by a plethora of initiatives, in multilateral frameworks (the European Union, NATO) and in smaller bilateral or multinational formats. The European Intervention Initiative (EI2) is the latest kid on the block in European efforts to enhance defence cooperation. Earlier this year, the authors published a Clingendael Report on EI2. The Report compared the national strategic cultures of the ten countries that had joined EI2 at that time to find entry points for strategic cultural convergence.

The aim of this policy brief is to assess how EI2 fits in the wider landscape of European defence cooperation formats. 

"In the last decade austerity, the thinning of armed forces and the recognition that no European country has adequate forces to deal with all possible scenarios on its own, have resulted in several new multinational defence collaborations."

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