Navigating Cultures: 2021 Training on Intercultural Communication
25 Feb 2021 - 15:37
Source: Clingendael

Live from the Clingendael Academy studios in the Hague, we hosted the first 2021 online edition of the Open Registration Course on Intercultural Communication. A blended approach was taken in the design of the course: participants engaged with the trainers during four half-day live sessions, which were supported by interactive e-learning modules to be completed asynchronously at participants’ own pace. As well as being offered grounded theory, participants actively worked on increasing their skills and heightening their cultural awareness. The training included several case studies and interactive exercises. Participants experienced first-hand international negotiations, uncovered personally preferred communication styles and were provided with the opportunity to critically reflect on real-life intercultural experiences. 

Navigating the sensitive waters of intercultural communication is not always easy. In our open registration courses, we offer practical solutions and guidance for professionals who find themselves confronted with new challenges arising from an ever-changing international environment. PACIS is the acronym used for the framework around which our programmes are designed. In the training we discuss common Pitfalls, increase cultural Awareness, present Cultural Clusters, review the process of Interaction and work on Sensitivity & Skills.

PACIS Model of Intercultural Capacity
PACIS Model of Intercultural Capacity


Next edition in October 2021

For anyone working in an international environment and wanting to enhance the vital skill of intercultural communication, we offer the next edition of this open registration course in October 2021. Contact the trainers for more information: Maaike Aans or Paul Hendrix.