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Course on Intercultural Communication
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The Hague
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16 - 17 Jan 2020
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Clingendael Academy has trained professionals from more than 125 countries from six continents over the years. Using Clingendael staff’s intercultural experiences and cutting-edge developments in intercultural communications theory, the training course on intercultural communication will help professionals to improve on their intercultural skills. Participants will learn to equip themselves better against the challenges arising from communication between two or more actors who have a different set of norms or frames of reference, whether a business partner from across the globe or a colleague from another department.

Is this training for you?

This course is specifically designed for professionals who work in an international context, have fundamental knowledge about intercultural communication, and want to take their communication skills to the next level in order to become more effective in intercultural communication.

Intercultural communication does not require any previous training. 

What will you learn?

After following this training course, participants will be:

  • More culturally aware
  • Aware of their own culture bias
  • Able to communicate effectively in different cultural environments
  • Able to differentiate between national culture, professional culture and organisational culture
  • Attuned to the possibilities of rational adaptation in order to achieve better deals
  • Able to differentiate between symbols and rituals in culture and the deeper underlying differences that impact upon intercultural communication.

Which methods will be used?

A vital step in communicating with people from other cultures is knowing your own cultural bias. Using practical exercises, this course enhances the practical skills that professionals need to ensure that their intended message receives their target audience successfully. Through reflection exercises embedded in intercultural communication theory, the course also provides insight into the influence of cultural background on the one hand of the manner in which the speaker delivers and on the other hand of how the audience interprets the message.

All course materials will be provided at the beginning of the course. Participants do not require to order any materials in advance. 

Before the training course, participants are asked to specify their learning objectives/ intercultural competences, so that during the course trainers and other participants can very accurately comment on those areas that the professionals are trying to improve.

What else you need to know

Costs for this two-day training are €1.100,-. You can qualify for a 10% discount if five or more people from the same organisation apply.

This is a general-level course within the Clingendael Academy’s international skills’ training. The course can be used as a stepping stone to other applied skills’ training with attention to intercultural differences, such as international negotiation or to an advanced course such as negotiating with the Chinese.

Depending on the language of the participants the working language of this course will be Dutch or English. 

Our general terms and conditions apply to this course.

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