“Shiraka” training on Economic Diplomacy successfully concluded
22 Dec 2021 - 10:09
Source: Clingendael

Ten participants from the MENA region successfully concluded the three-week “Shiraka” training on trade promotion and economic diplomacy. The participants, both civil servants and representatives of the private sector, received training on topics such as market analysis, attracting foreign direct investments, and economic security. The Dutch consultancy- and training agency Berenschot also provided several workshops during this training, namely on pitching techniques, working in teams, and change management.

With these new tools at hand, the participants finished the training with a “Back Home Action Plan”, showcasing how they will implement their newly acquired skills in their day-to-day work. Some examples were carefully constructed plans to promote trade promotion with the Netherlands and to increase foreign direct investments from the Netherlands.

All in all, the participants are now better equipped to deal with matters of trade promotion and economic diplomacy. We hope that this training will serve as an inspiration for the trainees and we also wish them all the best in the rest of their careers.