Brexit: State of Play

Rem Korteweg

Beschermerslezing 2018 – Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught

Monika Sie Dhian Ho

New studies by international organisations feature migration as a consequence of land, food and water scarcity

Louise van Schaik

Tobias von Lossow

Étienne Béchard

Chemical weapons in Syria: do retaliatory bombardments deter their usage?

Kars de Bruijne
Sico van der Meer

Are the Dutch going green? Climate politics in the low lands heading towards crunch time

Paul Hofhuis
Louise van Schaik

Take a different look at the neighbours

Monika Sie Dhian Ho
Luuk van Middelaar

"Die Niederlande", in: Werner Weidenfeld und Wolfgang Wessels (Hrsg), Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration, Nomos: Baden-Baden

Monika Sie Dhian Ho

Fragmentegration: between fragmentation and integration in the global system (forthcoming)

Rem Korteweg

Going Dutch: which companies are moving to the Netherlands because of Brexit? (forthcoming)

Rem Korteweg

Policy Briefs



Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review: A New Rift between Europe and the US?

Sico van der Meer
Dick Zandee

Climate-related security risks in Iraq and Mali: What the EU can do

Louise van Schaik
Stefano Sarris
Tobias von Lossow
Anca-Elena Ursu

Europe’s Responsibility to Prepare: Managing Climate Security Risks in a Changing World

Shiloh Fetzek
Louise van Schaik

Bridging the gap: Sustainable connectivity in EU-India relations

Maaike Okano-Heijmans
Vishwesh Sundar

Op-ed reeks voor VNO-NCW Brexit Nieuwsbrief

- Tijd is handel
Vijf redenen waarom we niet te vroeg moeten juichen
‘Politieke dobbelstenen’
Waarom is de EU zo onbuigzaam?
Over een tweede referendum…
De onzekerheid regeert

Rem Korteweg

Rising Tensions Between the West and Russia: What Role For Arms Control?

Peter van Ham

EU Added Value – Fact-based policy or politicised facts?

Adriaan Schout
Davide Bevacqua

Serie European migration management – lessons learned

- State of Play in the Debate on Migration Management in
EU Migration Policies in the Sahel-Stagnation in a Mode of Crisis

Wouter Zweers
Willemijn Tiekstra
Anca-Elena Ursu

Anna Schmauder

Deepening EU integration and the Netherlands’ EU narrative

Adriaan Schout

EU & Western Balkans (forthcoming in 2019)

Wouter Zweers

Syria: the end game (forthcoming in 2019)

Erwin van Veen


Eight podcasts were published in 2018 (via the website, social media and the weekly Clingendael Newsletter). All podcasts are available on the Clingendael website, Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud.



Matthew Goodwin on Populism in Europe

Matthew Goodwin, Senior Fellow of Chatham House

Klaus Welle talks EU reform, trade & Brexit

Klaus Well, Secretary-General of the European Parliament

Jeremy Cliffe on Germany’s coalition talks & the impact on EU policy

Jeremy Cliffe, Berlin Bureau Chief of The Economist

Sinan Ülgun on EU-Turkey relations

Sinan Ülgun, Turkey specialist and Chairman of the Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies, an Istanbul-based think tank

Frans-Paul van der Putten, A.E. Ursu & Willem van den Berg on China’s role in the Horn of Africa

Frans-Paul van der Putten, Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute
Anca-Elena Ursu, Research Assistant at the Conflict Research Unit of the Clingendael Institute

Tony van der Togt on Putin’s Fourth Presidential Term

Tony van der Togt, Russia Specialist at the Clingendael Institute

Anette Hoffman on effects of irregular migration on local economy

Anette Hoffman, Senior Research Associate at the Conflict Research Unit of the Clingendael Institute

Humanity House: De Klimaatvluchteling – Alternatieve Veiligheidsraad

Marriët Schuurman, Romana Vrede,
Fredrick Mugira, Louise van Schaik,
Eva Rovers, Tom Middendorp & Francesca de Châtel


Clingendael experts made an average of 13 media appearances per week in 2018, including in Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Süddeutsche Zeitung, le Figaro, The Economist, Japan Times, NRC Handelsblad, De Volkskrant and het Financieele Dagblad. In our press policy we have become more critical in terms of value creation and prioritization.

A full list of media appearances can be found on our website.

Media Appearences in the Netherlands and abroad
Media Appearences in the Netherlands and abroad


Regarding Radio and TV-performances, our experts were frequently seen guests on:

NPO Radio 1
NOS Nieuwsuur
BNR Nieuwsradio
NOS Journaal
VPRO Bureau Buitenland

Clingendael Magazine

The Clingendael Spectator, our independent magazine, maintained its steady rise in readership in 2018. Both the Dutch and the English pages have an increase of 15,291 unique page views at the end of 2018 (+14%). Its social media platforms and newsletter also saw a gradual increase in audiences, with over 3,400 subscribers (+10%) to its newsletter and over 4,200 subscribers (+28%) on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) combined.

In 2018, the magazine published over 110 analyses, opinions, columns and reviews.

Notable publications are the following dossiers:

To accompany its dossiers, the Clingendael Spectator also began regularly pre-publishing articles from its upcoming dossiers in Dutch quality newspapers, such as de Volkskrant and het Financieele Dagblad.

In 2018, the magazine also introduced a new format, its series. The topics of completed series were the EU’s Brexit Mistakes, Oceania, EU-China investments and from Atlantis to Europe. Series offer readers a more time-lapse take on persistent, salient issues.

2018 also saw the Clingendael Spectator team up with new partners. In its books and movies section, both IDFA and Movies that Matter now regularly contribute to the magazine. Also, the magazine now carries more regular reviews of relevant books in the field of international relations, which it combines with popular competitions that award copies of the reviewed book.


The Clingendael Institute organised a total of 89 events in 2018. Of these, 32 were (partly) financed by the public platform activities subsidy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of which 22 were public and 10 closed expert meetings. Some of our public events existed of multiple panel discussions or a full day programme (conferences). We also run two event series: the ‘Alternatieve veiligheidsraad’, together with Humanity House and ‘het Nationale Theater’, and a series on the Western Balkan.

Public events

Date & Title


18 January: EU Presidency event
Partner: Ambassade Bulgarije

Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Matti Maasikas (Estonian Deputy Minister for European Affairs), Rumen Alexandrov (Ambassador of Bulgaria to the Netherlands), Margriet Drent (Clingendael)

22 January: Publieksbijeenkomst 1 jaar Trump
Partner: Haagsch College

Lilianne Ploumen (Kamerlid), Willem Post (Clingendael)

23 January: Debate and preview of Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Post’

Partner: Entertainment One
Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal (Nieuwsuur), Jan Melissen (Clingendael)

25 January: State of the Union Conference 2018 (SotEU 2018)
Partner: European Parliament

Frank Vandenbroucke (UvA), Klaus Welle (SG European Parliament), Monika Sie Dhian Ho (Clingendael)

25 January: SotEU 2018- European Defence Cooperation - Desirable and Feasible?
Partner: European Parliament

Moderator: Margriet Drent (Clingendael)

Sophia Besch (Centre for European Reform), Anthony Lawrence, Hans van Santen (Ministry of Defence), Hester Somsen (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

25 January: SotEU 2018 - Managing Globalisation - EU Trade Policy in the Trump Era

Partner: European Parliament

Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Elvire Fabry (Delors Institute), Joost Korte (DG EC), Jeremy Cliffe (The Economist)

25 January: SotEU 2018 - The European Monetary Fund - Financial Risks and Political Consequences

Partner: European Parliament

Moderator: Adriaan Schout (Clingendael)

Charles Wyplosz (Centre for Economic Policy Research), Amela Hubic (European Political Strategy Centre EC), Anne-Laure Delatte (CEPII)

25 January: SotEU 2018 - EU Migration Policies - from Crisis to Stability?
Partner: European Parliament

Moderator: Monika Sie Dhian Ho (Clingendael)

Guilia Lagana (Open Society European Policy Institute), Fransje Molenaar (Clingendael)

7 March: Duitsland, die Grosse Koalition en de Europese Unie

Partner: NGIZ
Moderator: Jan Rood (Clingendael)

Hanco Jürgens (Duitsland Instituut)

21 March: Een andere kijk op Rusland: meer dan noodzakelijk

Partner: NGIZ
Moderator: Jan Rood (Clingendael)

Arnout Brouwers (Volkskrant), Tony van der Togt (Clingendael)

4 April: Cyberwarfare en security in alle Staten

Partner: NGIZ

Mischa van Geelen (Ethics hacker o.a. Google), Jelle Haaster (Dutch Ministry of Defence), Jeroen Gaiser (Rijkswaterstaat), Carlijn Broekman (TNO), Sophie van der Zee (Erasmus University), Sico van der Meer (Clingendael)

23 April: Event #1 Western Balkans-EU with President of Kosovo

Moderator: Jan Marinus Wiersma en Ron Ton (Clingendael)

Hashim Thaçi (Minister President Kosovo)

24 April: Alternatieve veiligheidsraad #2: De robotisering van de oorlog
Partners: Humanity House, het Nationale Theater

Moderator: Roos Abelman (BNR Nieuwsradio)

Sebastian Reyn (Ministry of Defence), Frans Osinga (Professor of military operational sciences NDA), David Levy (International chess master), Miriam Struyk (Program director at Security and Disarmament), Sabine Roeser (Philosophy Professor at TU Delft)

25 April: Europa in de ruimte
Partner: NGIZ

Moderator: Dick Zandee (Clingendael)

Paul Verhoef (ESA-director), Bernard Buijs (Head Bureau Space Dutch Air Force)

18 May: Putin 4.0: Ready for a New Cold War?
Partner: NGIZ
Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Kadri Liik (European Council on Foreign Relations), Bob Deen (OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities), Hubert Smeets (Raam op Rusland), Tony van der Togt en Jan Rood (Clingendael)

22 May: Event #2 Western Balkans-EU with Prof. Tanja Miščević (Serbia)

Moderator: Jan Marinus Wiersma (Clingendael)

Tanja Miščević (Chief Negotiator of the Republic of Serbia)

6 June: Cinema | Persvrijheid onder druk
Partners: NGIZ, Metis Montessori Lyceum

Guido Snel (University of Amsterdam)

7 June: De toekomst van de Europese Unie: omzien in verwondering
Partner: NGIZ
Moderator: Jan Rood (Clingendael)

Joost Flamand (DG European Cooperation, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

19 June: Alternatieve veiligheidsraad #3: de Klimaatvluchteling
Partners: Humanity House, het Nationale Theater
Moderator: Harm Ede Botje (Vrij Nederland)

Marriët Schuurman (Head of UN Security Council Task Force), Louise van Schaik (Clingendael), Fredrick Mugira (Water journalists Africa), Tom Middendorp (former Commander of the Armed Forces), Francesca de Châtel (Writer)

24 September: Symposium: de eeuw van J.L. Heldring
Partner: NGIZ
Moderator: Jan Rood (Clingendael)

Luuk van Middelaar (Leiden University), Duco Hellema (Utrecht University), Peter Vandermeersch (Editor-in-chief, NRC), Monika Sie Dhian Ho (Clingendael)

1 October: The European Union after Brexit: Keynote
Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Tom de Bruijn (Clingendael), Luuk van Middelaar (Leiden University), Thijs van der Plas (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

1 October: The European Union after Brexit - expert panel
Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Monika Sie Dhian Ho (Clingendael), Stéphano Alonso (NRC Handelsblad), Hanno Würzner (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Hanco Jürgens (Duitsland Instituut)

1 October: The European Union after Brexit - Ambassador panel
Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Maria Jesus Alonso Jimenez (Ambassador of Spain to the Netherlands), Ilze Rüse (Ambassador of Latvia to the Netherlands), Dirk Brengelmann (Ambassador of Germany to the Netherlands), Jens-Otto Horslund (Ambassador of Denmark to the Netherlands), Kevin Kelly (Ambassador of Ireland to the Netherlands)

4 October: Alternatieve veiligheidsraad #4: Militair ingrijpen
Partners: Humanity House, het Nationale Theater
Moderator: Sophie Derkzen (journalist)

Pieter Jan Kleiweg de Zwaan (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Niels Roelen (Veteran), Koffi Afande (Judge, Yugoslavia Tribunal and Rwandan Tribunal), Bette Dam (investigative journalist), Daria Bukvic (stage director)

11 October: Hybrid Cooperation: How Could the EU Still Engage with Russia?
Partner: NGIZ
Moderator: André Gerrits (Leiden University)

Tony van der Togt (Clingendael), Tatiana Romanova (Head of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, St Petersburg)

26 November: NGIZ Clingendael Brexit bijeenkomst met Rem Korteweg
Partner: NGIZ
Moderator: Jan Rood (Clingendael)

Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

4 December: Van Bylandtlezing met Marcel Kurpershoek, thema Syrië
Partner: NGIZ
Moderator: Jan Rood (Clingendael)

Marcel Kurpershoek (senior fellow New York University Abu Dhabi)

15/16 December: Alternatieve veiligheidsraad #5: Nacht van het Conflict
Partners: Humanity House, het Nationale Theater

O.a. Sigrid Kaag (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Victor Ochen (African Youth Initiative Network), Frans de Waal (biologist), Fransje Molenaar (Clingendael)

Expert meetings

Date & Title


16 January: Future of Europe Breakfast with Matthew Goodwin

Partner: European Commission

Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Matthew Goodwin (Professor of Politics Kent University)

22 March: Future of Europe Breakfast on EU-Turkey Relations
Partner: European Commission
Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Kati Piri (Member of the European Parliament), Sinan Ülgen (EDAM)

4 April: Brexit-Watching with Simon Kuper
Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Simon Kuper (Financial Times)

14 May: Roundtable expert session with Nikolai Dimitrov

Moderator: Jan Marinus Wiersma (Clingendael)

Nikolai Dimitrov (Minister of Foreign Affairs of North-Macedonia)

5 June: Future of Europe Breakfast on EU Budget and Foreign Policy

Partner: European Commission

Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Félix Fernández-Shaw (DEVCO)

12 September: Future of Europe Breakfast on Brexit with Stefaan De Rynck
Partner: European Commission

Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Stefaan de Rynck (Senior advisor to Michel Barnier)

28 September: Future of Europe Breakfast on Poland and the Rule of Law
Partner: European Commission

Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Sophie in ‘t Veld (Member of the European Parliament), Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska (Centre for European Reform)

22 October: Roundtable ‘Challenges and perspectives for Moldova’s Europeanisation process ahead of its Parliamentary Elections’
Partners: Centre for European Studies, Intstitutul pentru Politici si Reforme Europene

Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Iulian Groza (Director IPRE), Erik Sportel (CESS), Tatiane Pârvu (Ambassador of Moldova to the Netherlands), Adriaan Palm (Former Ambassador of the Netherlands for the Eastern Partnership)

6 November: Expert meeting ‘Hybrid conflict and Russia’, with James Sherr
Partner: Chatham House
Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

James Sherr (Russia expert and Associate Fellow Chatham House)

20 December: Future of Europe Breakfast on the EU in 2019
Partner: European Commission
Moderator: Rem Korteweg (Clingendael)

Caroline de Gruyter (EU- correspondent NRC Handelsblad)

Uploading Events

Also in 2018 Clingendael experts frequently used the opportunities to upload national and international audiences with their research. The following are a few out of many speeches and/or panel contributions:


Event & Speaker(s)

25 January

China at the Gates: European and Japanese perspectives on China’s new global posture, Conference, the European Council on Foreign Relations. Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Warschau.

13 Februari

Hashtech #1: Een avond over privacy, hacken en cybersecurity: Publicatie, Sico van der Meer. Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht

13 March

Internal meeting Spanish Ministry of Defence, Fransje Molenaar.

23 March

EUISS seminar: Brexit: what consequences for European defence?, Margriet Drent, Brussels.

6 April

Reimagining Europe's partnerships with Japan and India, Expert Roundtable, Maaike Okano-Heijmans, the Clingendael Institute, The Hague.

14 April

Africa Day (Judith Sargentini - EU Greens), Fransje Molenaar, Amsterdam.

19 April

Roundtable meeting in the House of Representatives on Brexit, Rem Korteweg, The Hague.

26 April

European Parliament’s Security & Defence committee on European defence after Brexit, georganiseerd door SEDE committee of EP, Margriet Drent, Brussel.

17 May

US State Department/ National Intelligence Council meeting on “Changing Political Leadership in Europe”, Rem Korteweg, Washington DC.

17-19 May

EU-budget session organised by Bruegel at the annual GLOBSEC conference 2018, Adriaan Schout, Bratislava.

24 May

Roundtable discussion House of representatives on annual Defence report 2018, organised by committee of Defence of the House of Representatives. Transcript, Dick Zandee, The Hague.

25 May

Panel discussion Stopping the Use of Chemical Weapons in Modern Conflicts, Chatham House, Peter van Ham, London.

7-8 June

Presentation: India Strategy Group, the European Council on Foreign Relations, Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Lisbon.

13 June

Presentation: China’s BRI en geopolitiek: sluimerend connectiviteitsconflict? VNO-NCW Brabant Zeeland. Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Eindhoven.

29 June

International diplomacy and cyber war & conference The future of cyber warfare: Sico van der Meer, Partners: Antall József Knowledge Centre & Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, Brussels.

6 August

In preparation to the State of the Union speech of Jean-Claude Juncker: contributions on the European narrative during the ‘State of the Union’ diner. Guests: Secretary-General of the European Commission Martin Selmayr and the General Directors of European think tanks. Monika Sie Dhian Ho, The Hague. 

26-31 August

SIWI World Water Week, organised by SIWI. Louise van Schaik, Stockholm.

13 September

Managing the crisis of authority in global economic governance: The risk of trade wars and connectivity conflicts, EJARN-KAS Conference. Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Tokyo.

25 September

speech on a Dutch-Spanish coalition in the European Union after Brexit, during a seminar co-hosted by the Clingendael Institute and Real Instituto Elcano. Attendees: Spanish and Dutch Director-Generals of European affairs and General Directors International/Europe with senior civil servants from various ministries. Monika Sie Dhian Ho, Madrid.

2 October

Panel discussion EU Conference -The European Defence Fund-Driving Factor for Defence Research and Innovation, during ‘Towards a Comprehensive Fund - Consistency Between Research and Capability Development in Practice’, organised by Austrian Presidency of the EU, Dick Zandee, Vienna.

8 October

speech on the formation of coalitions within a EU that protects and modernises, Presidents Panel, Global Think Tank Summit 2018, Monika Sie Dhian Ho, Brussels.

11 October

Speech to Interparliamentary Conference on CFSP/CSDP on Military Mobility, organised by Austrian Presidency of the EU, Margriet Drent, Vienna.

17-19 October

Attendee 59th Strategy for Peace Conference, organised by The Stanley Foundation, Louise van Schaik, Warrenton.

25-26 October

Introduction for the 2-day conference led by Minister Koolmees: Towards a European Labour Authority, Adriaan Schout, The Hague.

1 November

Breakfast meeting migration, Bureau Migration policy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fransje Molenaar, The Hague.

5 November

Roundtable Expert discussion House of Representatives, Adriaan Schout, The Hague.

6-7 December

Spanel discussion The EU as a global actor: priorities and effectiveness of EU external action during the roundtable meeting “Strengthening the EU as a regional and global actor” organised by German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Rem Korteweg, Bucharest.


The CrisisWatch is a three folded series on a societally relevant specific (conflict) topic. In 2017 we elaborated more on the conflict in Libya, in 2018 we focused on the changing relations with Turkey. The relations between Turkey, the EU, NATO and the individual European members are under pressure due to national driven political developments in Turkey since the failed coup of 2016. At the same time, the country has a central role in important subjects for the Netherlands and Europe such as migration, trade, energy and the Syria conflict.

The CrisisWatch exists of three publications each representing a part of the conflicting relations: the relation between NATO and Turkey, between EU and Turkey and the problems of ‘Erdogan’s long arm’. This series will be closed with a meeting. At the beginning of 2019, the first out of three publications is published. The other publications and the meeting will follow later on in 2019.

Serious Simulations

We started in 2018 with the development of ‘serious simulations’. Clingendael Academy has for instance hosted a negotiations workshop during the ‘Night of the Conflict’(one of the events we co-organised with Humanity House in the ‘Alternative Veiligheidsraad’ event series for the Public Platform). We will continue developing ‘serious simulations’ in 2019 and cooperate with external partners on implementation and effect.