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Policy recommendations for the Slovenian Council Presidency

08 Jul 2021 - 12:18
Source: © Council of the EU, 2021
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This paper has previously been published by the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA).

TEPSA has a tradition of formulating recommendations to the incoming Council Presidency. These recommendations are formulated by experts from the TEPSA network, without necessarily representing the views of TEPSA or its Member Institutes. They will be presented to the incoming Slovenian Council Presidency on the occasion of the TEPSA Slovenian Pre-Presidency Conference on 17-18 June 2021. The conference is organised by the Centre of International Relations (CIR) – University of Ljubljana and TEPSA, with support from the European Commission – namely from the Europe for Citizens and Horizon 2020 programmes (in the framework of the InDivEu project).

Clingendael experts wrote 'The EU needs to step up its actions to promote energy transition in third countries' (p.5).

The EU is making great strides in greening its economy but realises that a successful energy transition and climate policy requires the externalisation of the European Green Deal. Clean energy technologies have also become a new field where competitive gains are lingering and the EU’s connectivity agenda benefits from exporting EU renewable energy technology standards. Picking up from the EU Council conclusions of 25 January 2021, the Slovenian Presidency will have to ensure a coherent pursuit of EU energy diplomacy and external policy to support the Green Deal.

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