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The Clingendael Institute is located in the partly 17th century country manor Huys Clingendael, which can be found in the Park Clingendael. Visitors can enter the park through the main entrance at Wassenaarseweg. The driveway leads to the Huys Clingendael. It is a six minute walk.

Public Transport

You can reach the Clingendael Institute by taking bus #18 in the direction of Clingendael, from train stations The Hague Hollands Spoor or The Hague Central Station. This bus has a 15 minute service. The terminus of bus #18 is Laan van Clingendael.

Another possibility is bus #23, from The Hague Laan van NOI in the direction of Scheveningen Noorderstrand. The stop closest to the Institute is Wassenaarseweg.

You can reach the Conflict Research Unit (CRU) from The Hague Central Station by taking bus #22 toward Duindorp. This bus runs every 15 minutes. The stop closest to the office is “Javastraat”. From there, it is a 3 minute walk to Zeestraat 100. Walking directions: Head west on Javastraat towards Alexanderstraat. Cross on Zeestraat. The office entrance is located on the corner of Zeestraat and Javastraat. CRU sits on the 3rd floor.

Alternatively, from The Hague Hollands Spoor Station, take tram #1 toward Scheveningen Noorderstrand. The stop closest to the office is “Vredespaleis”. From there, it is a 2 minute walk to Zeestraat 100. Walking directions: Head east on Scheveningseweg, turn on to Laan van Meerdervoort. Cross Laan van Meerdervoort and head left. The main entrance is located on the corner of Zeestraat and Laan van Meerdervoort. CRU offices are on the 3rd floor.


We would like to point out that parking inside Park Clingendael is strictly prohibited. An exception can be made for disabled vehicle users, who may book a parking space in advance, with the contact person for the course or event they plan to attend. You can enter Park Clingendael using a side entrance (it’s a path leading into the park, with a sign “Clingendael”). CD cars are the sole exception. Drivers may drive - slowly- up to the main house, where the passenger(s) can leave the vehicle. Drivers can then park alongside the lawn, but have to stay with or inside their cars at all time.

All Clingendael visitors with permission to park in front of Huys Clingendael must report to Reception, to receive a day pass. They need to display this in their car; the pass includes the date and number plate of the car.

You may park your car on Wassenaarseweg, where there is paid parking (debit card). Here you also find the main entrance into Park Clingendael. Parking is also available on Van Alkemadelaan and Ruychrocklaan.

For those traveling to the Conflict Research Unit (CRU) by car, there is paid parking on Zeestraat. Debit cards are accepted at the parking meters.

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Main office

Clingendael 7
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Conflict Research Unit (CRU) and ICCT

Zeestraat 100
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Rabobank, the Hague, The Netherlands IBAN NL77 RABO 0357 2179 50; BIC/SWIFT code RABONL2U; sort code 1299.

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NL 006757509.801

The Clingendael Institute is registered with the Dutch Trade Register under number 41152832.

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Do you have a complaint? Please consult our complaints procedure.

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