Conflict and Fragility

Beyond the police: security provision in cities
Europe/Amsterdam 05 2016 17:00
Bron: Angela Sevin / Flickr

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In countries with a weak or corrupt police force, people often seek security from a range of alternative actors. From gangs in Nairobi to mukhtars in Beirut, these actors are known as “plural security providers”. Until recently, much of the focus has been on plural security providers in rural contexts, assuming they fill the gap of an absent state provider. However, in recent years, security challenges in cities have been exacerbated by rapid urbanization. This has culminated in a complex, less recognised, phenomenon: the increasing role of plural security providers in cities.

Recent research by the Plural Security Insights network examines this phenomenon, producing city profiles of Beirut, Nairobi and Tunis. Building on this body of work, this seminar seeks to engage with this phenomenon - sharing findings from the research and discussing strategies for future engagement.

Lisa Denney (ODI Research Associate) will discuss the findings of one of the above case studies, looking at plural security provision in Nairobi. Keith Krause (Centre on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding, Director) will explore the urban dimension. Megan Price (Clingendael) will then provide some recommendations for how governments and donor programmes can engage with these plural providers in practice.

The seminar will be followed by a drinks reception.