The future of the EU budget: between dream and reality
Europe/Amsterdam 02 2016 14:45
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Expert seminar - The future of the EU budget: between dream and reality

This event was upon invitation only.

The conference report of this expert seminar can be found here.

The Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’, is organising an expert seminar in relation to the EU budget. Through this seminar Clingendael aims to stimulate the exchange of ideas about EU budgetary reform in the context of the political realities of the EU.

With a view on the mid-term revision proposal by the European Commission and the discussions on the future of the EU budget (post-2020), the priorities and effectiveness are key aspects of the EU budgetary reform discussions. The first panel consists of prominent experts who, free from political restraints, will present their findings and ideas in order to improve the EU budget. In the second panel, the decision makers, will highlight the political context in which these decisions are made and can respond to existing proposals or present their own views.

Bringing together experts and policy makers during these two panel discussions, the seminar aims at stimulating an open discussion about EU budgetary reform, while taking into account the current (complex) political context.

View the provisional programme of the seminar.

If you wish to attend, you are kindly requested to send an email, with a reference to your name/organisation/function, before December 1st to Christine Bakker. You will receive a confirmation after registration.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator of this seminar, Yuri van Loon