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PIN Workshop: Is Reconciliation Negotiable?
Europe/Amsterdam 09 2013 09:00

Third workshop in reconciliation project of  PIN Program
11 October 2013, St Mary’s College, Durham University

In a world where up to 40% of peace agreements slip back into violent conflicts within a decade, how might reconciliation between groups with a long history of conflict be achieved? What kind of conditions must be negotiated to sustain peaceful relations between parties and carry them jointly into a non-violent future? Is reconciliation actually negotiable and if so, under what circumstances? This workshop provides an unique opportunity to explore the role of reconciliation as a means of preventive negotiation.

The reconciliation as preventive negotiation project is convened by Mark Anstey and Valerie Rosoux  and is part of the Processes of International Negotiation (PIN) program of the Clingendael Netherlands Institute of International Relations. This workshop is co-organized by the Durham Global Security Institute of Durham University. The findings of the reconciliation project will be published in book form with a commercial publisher in 2015.

Speakers, chairmen and commentators during the workshop are:

Cecilia Albin, Upsala University, Sweden
Mark Anstey, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa
Anthony Bash, Durham University, UK
Guy Olivier Faure, Sorbonne University, France
Elise Feron, Kent University
Nick Lewer, Durham University, UK
Steven Lyon, Durham University, UK
Paul Meerts, Clingendael Institute, the Netherlands
Mordechai Melamud, PIN, Israel
Valerie Rosoux, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Rudolf Schüssler, Bayreuth University, Germany
Mikhail Troitskyi, MGIMO, Russia
I. William Zartman, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, USA

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For further details on the workshop, please download the brochure, including information on the project. For more information on PIN, please visit the PIN website or facebook.