Conflict and Fragility

To prevent irrelevance: Adaptive security & justice programming
Europe/Amsterdam 10 2016 10:00
Bron: Dave Catchpole/flickr

One-day Interactive Brainstorm by the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law (by invitation only)

Available evidence demonstrates that 'adaptive programming' is essential for improving security and justice in fragile societies. Adaptiveness is about ensuring that programs can develop flexibly on the basis of political developments, operational setbacks/progress and learning experiences. Without it, programs become preset interventions in the expectation that they evolve in predictable and linear fashion. This, however, creates a fictional picture of how change happens and wastes resources.

This one-day event by the Knowledge Platform examines what must practically be done to enable a greater volume of "adaptive programming". In other words, what do the various organizations that work on security and justice in fragile societies need to do to create more space for such programming? How can more collaborative partnerships for delivering results and generating learning take shape?

The event builds on an earlier brainstorm of the Knowledge Platform of 10 May 2016 that focused on why the change needed for better security and justice programming is not happening at scale. This event has a more operational focus as it seeks to establish a set of specific, implementable improvement measures.

For more information, you can contact Erwin van Veen.

Click here for the full concept note of the interactive brainstorm.