Clingendael starts 4-year programme with NATO School in Georgia
26 Jan 2017 - 13:24
Bron: DIBS / Opening of the Georgian Defense Institution-building School

Per 1 September 2016 Clingendael Academy is implementing a capacity-building programme with the Georgian Defense Institution-building School. The DIB School is one of the flagship projects that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) together with the Government of Georgia is running with the aim of fostering Georgia’s further integration into the Euro-Atlantic security structures.

Comprehensive Security Sector Capacity Building

An educated corps of senior security professionals is a prerequisite for any democratic country that is seeking to reform and strengthen its overall security sector.

A strategic-level training institution advances national and international security and defence policies through professional training and practice-based analysis. As such, the DIB School is a key enabler for Georgia’s democratisation and Euro-Atlantic integration processes.

Our programme and activities


Clingendael Academy developed a 4-year programme to assist the DIB School through four lines of support. We focus on institutional development while at the same time delivering actual training courses. We encourage other partners to align their support activities in training courses under this umbrella.



Expected results

At the end of the four-year programme, the DIB School should be able to serve as:

  1. a national and regional platform for experience sharing, educational programmes and defence transformation support activities;
  2. a self-sustaining school delivering applied and cutting-edge educational training programmes; and
  3. an intermediary to advance NATO-Georgia Cooperation and a regional training centre.

How we work: ownership, partnership and practice-based

Our partner capacity-building programmes are all custom designed. We provide our expertise, experience and coaching in setting up training institutions, including strategy development, curriculum design, training of teachers and the drafting of security and defence-related course and exercise materials. Our work is practice-oriented and applies the Clingendael Method as the training methodology.



Implementation and funding

The full implementation of this programme relies on funds made available by the NATO Defence Capacity-Building Trust Fund, individual NATO countries and others. Currently, support for Clingendael’s activities has been made available by the Governments of the Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and Montenegro.

The Substantial NATO Georgia Package

At the 2014 Wales Summit, the NATO countries agreed on the Substantial NATO Georgia Package. The package includes the establishment of a Georgian Defence Institution Building School. This School is to be a strategic-level training academy that enhances the knowledge, competences and working methods of Georgia’s civil and military security sector leaders.

More information

For more details about the programme and funding opportunities, please contact Nils de Mooij.

Or have a look at our programme fiche (below), NATO’s factsheet or DIB School’s Facebook page.