Course in Strategic Foreign Policy Making
12 Jan 2015 - 11:22

In December 2014 the Clingendael Academy saw the arrival of thirteen Indonesian senior diplomats to partake in the course “Strategic Prospects and Opportunities for Indonesian Foreign Policy Making”. This course aimed to provide insights in the inner workings of high-level international negotiations and public diplomacy, senior management skills and strategic policy planning.

The main subject of the course – strategic foreign policy making – was explored through a variety of seminars and lectures, including a lecture on public diplomacy strategies and one on the prospects, challenges and opportunities in Indonesian foreign policy. Analyzing risks and security strategies as a basis for foreign policy making have been other ways to explore the course’s main subject. During the course the participants were tasked with assignments – for example in scenario building – in order to identify successful strategies for Indonesia.

Sustainable development

Another theme of the course was sustainable development. Encompassing – inter alia – green climate initiatives, international negotiations on carbon emissions and sustainable commodity production systems, this theme was included on the premise that environmental security is a strategic concern. Sustainable development as a theme was addressed by several expert lectures on the EU’s strategic sustainability agenda, environmental security, and the development in the international energy agenda, coupled with the case of palm oil production.

Skills training

In addition to the objective of offering in-depth knowledge, the course included training in diplomatic skills. Skills in international negotiations, public communication and trust and management are an important part of a senior diplomat’s function. A highlight of the course included a joint training session with a group of South African senior diplomats on the subject of managing international negotiations. Besides building on the previous negotiating experiences of the participants, this seminar also served as training in intercultural communication and awareness.

This course “Strategic Prospects and Opportunities in Foreign Policy Making” is the latest product of the long-standing partnership between Indonesia, the Netherlands and the Clingendael Institute. Besides offering training courses for Indonesian senior diplomats, the Clingendael Academy also offers courses for junior and mid-career Indonesian diplomats.If you would like to know more and the course on strategic prospects and opportunities for Indonesian foreign policy making or about other tailor-made diplomacy courses, please contact Nils de Mooij.

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Diplomats from Indonesia together with diplomats from South Africa and Clingendael staff, after their joint training session in International Negotiation


12 January 2015