New website Strategic Monitor
15 Jun 2017 - 09:28

In order to remain on top of the rapid changes ongoing in the international environment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence conduct research on global trends and risks. Analysis conducted within the framework of the Strategic Monitor is the crucial first step in developing effective policies. 

As part of the PROGRESS Strategic Monitor research, strategic monitoring and foresight focusses on geopolitics, the region around Europe, Europe and the EU, foreign policy and security and defence, in order to identify blind spots and better prepare for possible events or upcoming trends. The Strategic Monitor is designed to make optimal use of external expertise on strategic topics, as is shown in this infographic.

Brought to you jointly by the The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) and the Clingendael Institute, the Strategic Monitor will provide for on-going analysis of relevant trends and general and specific foresight exercises. The activities in the framework of the Strategic Monitor will be used to develop and improve the Strategic Monitor and to increase its policy relevance and visibility.

The research for the Strategic Monitor consists of Monthly Alerts, Strategic Alerts, Scenario Studies, Trend Reports and the Annual Strategic Monitor Report. The Clingendael Strategic Monitor 2017 can be found here.