Launch Clingendael China Centre
03 Jun 2019 - 12:41

European governments, businesses and other stakeholders have started a serious, strategic debate on the growing role and influence of China in the world, including in Europe. Key issues include European responses to 5G, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, human rights, knowledge security, and industrial and competition policy. The Dutch Government has recently released their China Strategy arguing for: 

"Working with China where we can, and safeguarding our own interests and values where we must."

By launching the Clingendael China Centre we join our forces in the field of China expertise. Through our analyses, training and public debate we aim to inspire and equip governments, businesses, and civil society on China relations. Meet our experts.

Clingendael China Centre

Inspiring kick-off event

The Clingendael China Centre kicked off with an inspiring and interactive programme 'Talking China Strategy' on 3 June. During the day we received Dutch diplomats in the EU member states, Permanent Representatives in Brussels, Dutch policymakers at relevant ministries in The Hague, diplomatic representatives of EU member states in The Netherlands, China experts and EU experts. See photostream for an impression.

In the evening we organised a sold out public debate with the Leiden Asia Centre. Speakers were Members of Parliament Bram van Ojik (GroenLinks), Sven Koopmans (VVD) and Martijn van Helvert (CDA) and China-experts Ties Dams, Sanne van der Lugt, Ingrid D’Hooghe, Frans-Paul van der Putten, Maaike Okano-Heijmans and Rogier Creemers. Check the livestream. Volkskrant columnist René Cuperus closed the evening with a 'food for thought' column. Listen here

Meet our experts, and see our latest publications, events, trainings and media content on our China relations page.