New Dutch diplomats kick off seven week training programme
22 Jul 2019 - 09:49
Bron: Clingendael Academy

On the July 8, the newly recruited Dutch diplomats started the diplomatic training course for international policy officers (in Dutch known as ‘het Klasje’). The group consists of 50 participants, 40 of which are prospective diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Nine participants come from line ministries, such as the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and work on international issues. One participant works for Aruba, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The opening week consisted of a full and interactive programme. Participants focused on, amongst others, the interplay between domestic and international developments, inter-ministerial cooperation, and consular affairs. The week ended with an informal reception with international diplomats that are stationed in the Hague.

Clingendael Academy


On the 26th of August, the group returns to Clingendael for six more weeks of workshops, working visits, simulations and expert meetings. During the second part of the course, the participants will increase their knowledge about relevant policy areas for the Netherlands, ranging from economic diplomacy to effective European cooperation and international security. Clingendael trainers and experts from academia, the private sectors, NGO’s and other stakeholders will challenge the participants to develop the relevant knowledge, insights and skills that are needed to efficiently  deal with the challenges of foreign policy making in  the 21st century.