Training military officers prior to deployment in the Middle East
21 Jan 2020 - 14:48
Bron: UNDOF Celebrates 35th Anniversary © United Nations Photo / Flickr

The current tense situation in the Middle East emphasises the need for deploying well trained and equipped personnel. The Clingendael Academy offers training for civil and military personnel prior to deployment in crisis management missions. This month, the Clingendael Academy organized a one-week training with the aim of preparing a group of 14 Dutch military officers for deployment to the peacekeeping mission: United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) in the Middle East.

During this training, Clingendael shared its knowledge and expertise regarding the developments in the Middle East with a focus on Israel, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. In interactive training sessions, the participants analysed different parties in a conflict and worked on sharpening their skills on how to negotiate effectively.

Pre-deployment training for professionals

The Clingendael Academy provides high level pre-deployment training for international crisis management experts, both civilian and military. Each pre-deployment training is designed to match the learning needs of the participants.

By closely examining their destination’s historical and political context, local customs, the regional workings of international organizations, the mandates of their respective missions, and more, the participants are trained to function as on-the-ground observers, trainers, and mentors.

For more information about the Clingendael pre-deployment training, please feel free to contact us.