International Negotiations Training for Peruvian Diplomats
27 Sep 2021 - 10:07
Bron: Clingendael

Between 13-15 September, Clingendael Academy offered another edition of its Seminar in International Negotiation Skills for the Republic of Peru in cooperation with the diplomatic academy of Peru. Over the course of three days, 24 talented and motivated junior diplomats engaged in a modern, interactive, and specialized programme.

The course included thought provoking interactive sessions on negotiation theories and skills, case-studies, and roleplays to practice bilateral and multilateral negotiation abilities, and a large concluding simulation on Global Health Diplomacy which was tailor made to reflect the diplomatic difficulties in traversing the current pandemic. Amongst other things, participants learned about critical factors in successful negotiations, identified actors and dynamics in global health diplomacy and practiced the differences between integrative and distribute negotiations.

The training was personally provided by Clingendael Academy director Ron Ton, negotiation and mediation expert, and experienced negotiation trainer Annelieke van de Wiel. The course was a very pleasant experience due to the participant’s high level of continuous engagement despite the necessary digital setting.