Conflict and Fragility

Recalibrating the social contract in the MENA
15 Jun 2023 15:00 - 15:45

A 45 minute online discussion in partnership with the Institute for International Political Studies and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Since the Arab Uprisings, the ruling elites of the MENA region have proven resilient in their hold on power in the face of both internal and external challenges. On top of this, the geopolitical and socioeconomic effects of recent global crises – such as Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine - have affected social stability and the political orders of countries across the region in different ways. This event provides expert analysis of the factors that shape the evolving relationship between state and society in the MENA region, zooming in on ruling elite response strategies in relation to the needs of their citizens.


  • Simon Mabon, Professor of International Politics, University of Lancaster
  • Ola Rifai, Deputy Director for Outreach, Centre for Syrian Studies, University of St. Andrews
  • Erwin van Veen, Senior Research Fellow Middle East programme, Clingendael Institute


  • Lorenzo Fruganti, Research Assistant, MENA Centre, ISPI


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