Dutch Cyber Diplomats Gathered Together for Training
05 Jul 2023 - 09:50
Bron: Shutterstock

The digital world has become a domain for strategic competition. Conflicting interests and values among states lead to an increase in confrontation. In this multipolar world, existing coalitions such as NATO and EU are not sufficient to address the complex challenges arising from the cyber domain. 

The brand new International Cyber Strategy (2023-2028) of the Dutch cabinet is crystal clear: increased engagement is needed, also with non-traditional partners. To put words into action, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expanding its own diplomatic network with new cyber diplomats. 

Prior to starting their new postings, Clingendael Academy had the privilege to facilitate knowledge exchange between experienced (cyber) diplomats, experts in the field, and cyber diplomats on the brink of commencing their new role at their embassy. 

The Clingendael Academy developed, in close collaboration with the Taskforce Cyber and Taskforce Hybrid Threats and Economic Security, a three-day training course. Fifty diplomats, working at embassies around the world or at the ministry in the Hague, came to the Nutshuis to participate in this training course. This training aimed to provide a common understanding of the challenges in the cyber domain, addressed the role of diplomats to help tackle these challenges and operationalized the Dutch policy goals as articulated in the International Cyber Strategy.

Clingendael’s cyber team, consisting of Anthony van der Meer, Shannon Ayre, and Gijs van Loon, was delighted to have received the opportunity to organise this course. We are looking back on fruitful, thought-provoking, and engaging discussions. Many thanks to the Taskforces, all speakers, and participants for their trust in the Clingendael Institute and for sharing their knowledge and experiences.  

Want to learn more about in what ways cyber diplomats help foster international cooperation and knowledge exchange? Cyber diplomats Stephanie de Ridder (Singapore) and Tom Coppen (Seoul) were interviewed during our training course for the Security Unit’s magazine ‘De Veiligheidsdiplomaat’ (in Dutch): Een gelijkgezinde partner aan de andere kant van de wereld | De Veiligheidsdiplomaat (