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Chinese Investment in Europe

15 Dec 2017 - 15:06
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A Country-Level Approach

Chinese investments in Europe have surged in recent years, and have become a critical feature of Europe-China relations. As China continues to grow, develop, and integrate into the global economy, its overseas investments expand in quantity and quality, reflecting both the growing sophistication of the Chinese economy and broader Chinese commercial and policy goals.

This report by the European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC) brings together original analysis from 19 European countries to better understand the trends and their consequences for policy making and Europe-China relations, including at the bilateral, subregional and EU levels. Through these case studies, the report aims to identify and contextualize the motives and the vehicles used for Chinese investment in Europe. However, the originality of the report also lies in the analysis of national-level debates on China, its investment, and openness to foreign investment. This is not just a story about . Foreign direct investment (FDI) strictly defined, but about the (geo)political implications that emanate from deeper economic interaction with China. Ultimately, Europe is far from speaking with a single voice on these matters, and identifying where the divergences and convergences lie, will be crucial in formulating solid and complementary policy positions at the EU and national level moving forward.

Clingendael's China expert Frans Paul van der Putten contributed to this report with his chapter on 'Chinese Investment in the Netherlands: A Key Role for Acquisitions in the High-Tech Sector'.