Conflict and Fragility


Podcast: Effects of irregular migration on the economy of Agadez

30 May 2018 - 11:09
Bron: Kallerna via GoodFreePhotos

In 2017 CRU shed light into the effects of irregular migration on the local economy of Agadez (see Migration and Markets report), a transit hub for migrants from West Africa. Our research showed to what extent the migration industry had become an important backbone for the local economy. Recent policies by the EU in partnership with the government of Niger have effectively stemmed the flow of northbound migrants. However, as the report shows, by camping down on a major source of income, these policies - if not combined with immediate alternative economic development strategies - risk to further destabilise an already volatile region. 

Inspired by the CRU report, Africa correspondent Bineta Diagne from Radio France International produced a series of reportages that further underpin CRU's research findings: With alternative economic opportunities holding off, the situation in Agadez grows increasingly fragile. In this podcast Anette Hoffmann and Bineta Diagne explain why. 

Listen to the podcast: