Strategic Policy Planning by Senior Policy Makers of Afghanistan
30 Aug 2018 - 12:05
Bron: Clingendael

Today, eight directors and policy makers from key ministries of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan come full circle at the end of their training on strategic policy planning. In two weeks’ time the policy makers discussed and practiced with various tools for analysis, policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. Different experts and trainers focused on specific stages of the policy process. These different instruments help to strengthen the capacity of the central government to develop and sustain effective national strategies.


The visit of the senior officials from Afghanistan also provided a good opportunity to exchange views with Dutch policymakers. In this context, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a fruitful counterpart meeting to discuss best practices between the Afghan delegation and their respective Dutch colleagues from different ministries.  During the visit to the Social and Economic Council (SER), it became apparent what the Dutch culture of consultation – also known as ‘polderen ‘ – entails in practice. As a representation of civil society, the council forms an important and influential advisor on socio-economic policy without being part of the government.


Strong relation

With this excellent delegation of high-level civil servants Clingendael Academy delivers the second and last training programme for Afghanistan this year. It builds on a relation of seven years in which Clingendael has had the honour to work with over 130 officials of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.