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Diplomacy and the European Union (special issue)

10 Jun 2009 - 13:54

The conduct of external policy within the framework of the European Union has generated considerable attention from both policy practitioners and academic observers. On the one hand, EU foreign policy is presented as something qualitatively different from traditional, state-centred formulations in terms of agendas, actors, and modes of delivery. In this context, it is clear that the more delimited sphere of diplomacy is registering significant change but has generated less attention than it might warrant.


With this in mind, the central aim of this special issue of HJD, Clingendael's peer-reviewed journal, is to provide an opportunity to reflect on the changing nature of diplomacy, what it signifies in the EU environment and how it is adapting to the demands placed upon it, both in terms of processes and the structures through which these are pursued.

In this sense it reflects a longstanding debate concerning the role and significance of diplomacy in changing environments, but one which has frequently failed to recognise its essential character from pre-state manifestations to those forms associated with the European states system.




Preface :

Diplomacy and the European Union: introduction to the Special Issue of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy - Brian Hocking and Jozef Batora

















    • Late Sovereign Diplomacy - Rebecca Adler-Nissen
    • Reappraising diplomacy: Structural Diplomacy and the Case of the European Union - Stephan Keukeleire, Robin Thiers and Arnout Justaert
    • The EU and the Diplomacy of Complec Interregionalism - Alan Hardacre and Michael Smith
    • The European Union in Multilateral Diplomacy - Knud Erik Jørgensen
    • Providing for European-Level Diplomacy after Lisbon: The Case of the European External Action Service - Simon Duke
    • Practitioners' perspective - Tacking Stock: 50 Years of European Diplomacy - David Spence


Guest Editors: Brian Hocking and Jozef Batora



HJD Co-Editors: Jan Melissen and Paul Sharp