Conflict and Fragility

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Fix the unfixable: how to bring greater stability to the Sahel?

08 Jan 2016 - 10:10
Bron: Magharebia

The full-blown crisis that hit Mali in 2012 illustrated the failure of local mechanisms and international programmes that were supposed to tackle the security and development problems in the north of the Sahel region.

Huge amounts of foreign assistance have been provided, but with no guarantee of ensuring future stability. Some 16 different stabilisation strategies are being deployed in the region, but the lack of coordination among the actors involved, and weak ownership at the local level, cast doubt on their overall effectiveness.

Given the regional and international ramifications of the current situation, corrective measures are urgently called for.

A broader dialogue must be initiated to identify (1) the most pressing security and economic challenges facing the region, and (2) the actor best suited to lead the coordination of efforts to address these challenges on the ground.

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