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Speech at UN Counter Terrorism Committee's special meeting

30 Jul 2015 - 12:26
Bron: Dr Bibi van Ginkel at the UN CTC special meeting (28-7-2015)

At the occasion of a UN Counter Terrorism Committee's special meeting held in Madrid, state representatives, representatives of other UN organisations and agencies, and regional organisations, as well as researchers, implementing parties and civil society representatives, participated in three technical meetings that were held to discuss the challenges and threats posed by foreign terrorist fighters as well as measures and policies to stem the flow of foreign terrorist fighters.

Dr Bibi van Ginkel, senior researcher of Clingendael as well as of the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism presented in two technical sessions on prevention and comprehensive countering violent extremism strategies, as well as on the role of the military in securing evidence and arresting suspects of terrorist acts in destination countries to be tried by civil criminal authorities. She was also among the few who reported to the official special meeting of the Counter-Terrorism Committee in the Royal Palace in Madrid. 

Full text of the speeches can be found here