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Individual growth: Taking a personal training approach
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Personal effectiveness

Clingendael Academy aims to maximise the individual growth of diplomats and to enable each and every one of them to get off to a flying start in their careers. We have taken this personal approach for example in our training and coach for the newly recruited diplomats from the Netherlands. We enable our participants to practise their diplomatic skills during training, so they can be effective in their jobs after the training.

We therefore teach our participants to effectively handle challenges on the job. Dealing with pressure, hierarchy, coordination between different departments, and responding to sudden changes are only a few examples of such challenges. We believe that knowing oneself, asking for feedback, and reflecting upon one’s own work are the keys to continuous growth and leadership.

We ensure that through the personal trajectory in our programmes the diplomats:

  • Can give and receive feedback effectively;
  • Identify and use personal qualities and challenges;
  • Have developed a strong support network within their group;
  • Are used to constantly develop themselves;
  • Manage the skill of personal leadership.

After all, a junior diplomat has to be able to quickly obtain new knowledge and to independently shape his or her personal development. We therefore expand the group’s knowledge network and strengthen their diplomatic and professional skills.

How we do this? By one-on-one guidance and group exercises led by our personal development trainers prior to, during, and after the training programme.