China Platform for European Institutional Investors

The China Platform for European Institutional Investors is an initiative aimed at supporting financial institutions in Europe with an interest in the Chinese financial sector. The Platform enhances awareness and knowledge of relevant developments, both in China itself and internationally, by providing original research, publishing a fortnightly newsletter, and organising expert events. Two themes in particular are significant: green finance in China, a highly dynamic field with major relevance for international efforts to address climate change; and geopolitics, given the increasingly volatile and uncertain international political context of European investment in China.

The platform is open to all European financial institutions. It was launched jointly by the Clingendael Institute and AXA IM in 2019. Clingendael China Centre acts as its secretariat. We are open to requests for tailored research. For more information please contact Ingrid d'Hooghe via


Advisory Board

  • Bert Hofman (former World Bank’s Country Director for China)
  • Dick Vietor (Professor Harvard Business School)
  • Ed Kronenburg (former Netherlands Ambassador to China)
  • Monika Sie Dhian Ho (General Director Clingendael Institute)



Investors beware: Europe's top firms are highly exposed to China
Report by Ties Dams and Xiaoxue Martin


Europe’s top firms are highly exposed to China, and therefore to China-related geopolitical risk. This risk is only set to increase in the coming years, as geopolitical tensions between China, the US and the EU are not expected to decrease. Moreover, case studies of LVMH, HSBC, ASML and BMW show that some of Europe’s biggest listed firms could and should offer investors more transparency on their risk-management strategies. Intelligence on China and geopolitical risk exposure is key for investors, and investors that get ahead of the curve may have the edge in the long term.

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EU-China agreement: A sign of European geopolitical awakening
Alert by Luuk van Middelaar


In the last hours of 2020, the European Union reached an agreement in principle on investment with Beijing. Washington took offence. How could Europe enter into an agreement with the US’s big rival just three weeks before Biden’s inauguration? Couldn’t it have waited a bit to arrive at a common position against the “thug” Xi?

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Sino–US rivalry, the COVID-19 crisis and  financial markets
Report by Ties Dams and Brigitte Dekker


If years could be given personalities, 2020 would surely be marked a firebrand. Whether it be the COVID-19 crisis, the Sino–US trade war or the state of financial markets, high volatility seems to be the status quo for years to come. 

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Webinars on demand

China Outlook 2021

Resurgent China Sets Sights on Global Financial Markets Powerhouse Status post-Covid. Watch video and read article.

EU Asserts Sovereignty in China Investment Deal, Signals Green Light to its Investors

The EU-China investment deal signed in the closing hours of 2020, will, if confirmed by the European Parliament and national legislatures, provide the inter-governmental framework enabling Europe’s institutional investors to drive ahead in seeking opportunities in the greatest global economic and capital markets growth story for decades to come, expert geopolitical and financial markets speakers told journalists attending an online Chinese lunar New Year’s Eve news conference. Watch and read.