Conflict and Fragility

Expert discussion - 'Iraq: How to stabilize a vortex?'
Europe/Amsterdam 09 2015 09:00
Source: Ammunition logistics (2011)/ Flickr / United States Forces Iraq

On Wednesday May 6th the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law organizes a one-day closed expert discussion on the deeper causes of the current Iraqi conflict and feasible approaches towards its resolution. The Platform is run jointly by Clingendael's Conflict Research Unit (CRU) and The Hague Institute for Global Justice.

In response to the bulk of media attention focusing on the atrocities of the Islamic State, the immediacy of the battlefield and daily regional politics, the meeting will devote its attention to the structural factors causing the current conflict in Iraq by discussing the historic dysfunction of the Iraqi state and divergent regional political worldviews. By doing so, it aims to identify more feasible approaches to the conflict.

For more information on the event, please contact Project Assistant Nick Grinstead:

Below you can access the full program, practical information and a synopsis of the pre-reading material.