Conflict and Fragility

'Local' conflicts in transnational entanglements
Europe/Amsterdam 09 2014 09:00
Source: UN Photo/Martine Perret

Implications of transnational influences on local conflicts for peacekeeping

On Tuesday 1 July, Clingendael organizes a full day event under the umbrella of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law on how peacekeeping can be made more fit-for-purpose in view of the transnational influences on many present-day conflicts. The program consists of two parts:

  • An expert workshop (invitation only) to identify key transnational influences on local conflicts, understand their dynamics and to brainstorm what improvements are needed to enable peacekeeping missions to address such transnational influences more effectively (1 July from 9am to 4pm).
  • A panel discussion (public) to elaborate on the themes discussed throughout the day with a broader audience (1 July from 4pm to 7pm, including drinks). Please register via

Speakers include Thomas Barfield (Boston University), Emile Simpson (Former UK armed forces, author of ‘War from the ground up’), Peter Tinti (Journalist), Annemaaike Tempelaar (Dutch foreign ministry) and Christopher O’Donnell (UN Department for Peacekeeping Operations).

The aim of the event is to produce concrete and feasible recommendations for policymakers. The workshop and panel discussions will be reflected in a short research report.

In addition, participants have the opportunity to engage in an online debate on these issues before and after the event. 

A detailed program and a discussion note for the event can be found below.