Conflict and Fragility

Special lecture by Yemen's Minister of Foreign Affairs
07 Sep 2021 16:00 - 17:00
Source: Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs of Yemen Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak

The Clingendael Institute will welcome the Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs of Yemen Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak for a special lecture.

The chance for peace in Yemen

For 7 years now, Yemen is being devastated by civil war. As a result, the country is facing the looming threat of fragmenting into different statelets. As the UN-led peace process has stalled, the peace process needs to be resumed to avoid a fragmented and unstable Yemen in the region

In his speech the Minister will explore the current political, economic and security priorities and sketch his vision for a comprehensive and sustainable peace for all of Yemen. This will require commitment and continued support for the peace process from within Yemen, from the region and from the international community.

The Biden administration has vowed to make Yemen a priority and the newly appointed UN's Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, may be the catalyst to jumpstart peace talks. But will it prove enough? And what role should the EU play to help bring about an end to this disastrous conflict?


  • 16:00: Welcome by Monika Sie Dhian Ho, General Director at the Clingendael Institute 
  • 16:05: Keynote by Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak, Yemen's Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs 
  • 16:20: Q&A by Ron Ton, Director of the Academy at the Clingendael Institute 
  • 16:50-17:00: Closing remarks by Ron Ton