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Trends and data on US elections
Europe/Amsterdam 07 2016 19:30
Source: Tim Evanson/flickr

This is a public event. You can register on the website of The Netherlands Society for International Affairs (NGIZ). 

On November 8, U.S voters will go to the ballot to vote for their next president. The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is tight. Who the next president will be is impossible to predict. U.S citizens turn out to be deeply divided about who would be the best candidate to lead their country for the next four years. Whatever the outcome of this contest, the result may have serious consequences for the relationship between the U.S and its European partners.

The Netherlands Society for International Affairs (NGIZ) and the Clingendael Institute are therefore pleased to invite you to the presentation of a new Pew Research Center report focusing on US-election data in the run-up to the presidential elections of November 8.

The report which was recently presented includes the occasional horserace poll (i.e. Clinton vs. Trump), but most of the research is focused on larger trends - the issues that US voters consider most important, the factors that they say will go into their decision to vote (and for whom), demographic trends that may affect the elections, and linkages between religion and political views.

An example of recent research in this area can be found in the report ‘2016 Campaign: Strong Interest, Widespread Dissatisfaction”.

The presentation will be given by Michael Dimock, President of the Pew Research Center. Pew Research Center is a Washington DC-based fact tank that conducts public opinion polling, demographic research and other data-driven social science research on issues and trends shaping America and the world.

As co-referent, we are pleased to welcome Willem Post, senior visiting fellow at the Clingendael Institute and specialised in American politics and foreign policy.

The event will be chaired by Jan Rood, senior research fellow at the Clingendael Institute and chairman of the NGIZ (The Netherlands Society for International Affairs).

The full report can be downloaded below.