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Women's role and participation in mediation
30 Mar 2017 18:30
Source: UNAMID/flickr

This is an event upon invitation only. Further information can be found here.

This evening session on mediation is a joint initiative by VOND Foundation (Stichting Vrouwenorganisatie Nederland-Darfur) and the Clingendael Institute. It serves to provide information and insights on practicing mediation in the field (with special attention to the case of Sudan), focusing on the role that women play in mediation.Often gender norms undervalue the position of women in peace – and reconciliation processes and the unique role that women play is therefore often overlooked.

The evening session will cover:
(1) introductions on the links between mediation at the different levels in which it is practiced: local, regional, (inter-)national)
(2) exchange of experience with best practices on the unique role and added value of women in the peace process.
“Women’s participation in conflict resolution and peace and reconstruction processes at all levels of decision-making has a positive impact on sustainable peace.” – Third Dutch National Action Plan 1325.


  • Opening words by the chairperson of VOND Foundation, Annette Bool
  • Keynote speech Clingendael, Judith van den Boogert: Linking the different levels of mediation 
    [dialogue with the audience]
  • Keynote speech VOND Foundation: Best practices and mediation lessons learned from Darfur, Mekka Abdelgabar
    [dialogue with the audience and short break]
  • Mediation simulation game with participants.
  • Conclusion and closing words