Modules within our diplomatic programmes

We offer every diplomat trained at Clingendael Academy a special module on economic and sustainable development. He/she gains new insights and tools to help tackle current ‘technical’ sustainable development challenges.

When setting up the economic and sustainable development modules within our diplomatic training programmes, we first focus on the needs of the target group: What is at play in the region? What background do the participants have? As there is no blueprint solution for sustainability or economic issues, the Clingendael Academy always tailors this module to the needs of the group, thereby stressing the inclusive and interdependent nature of these issues.

When we are looking for specific expertise within this domain, we can rely on our extensive network of experts in the field of sustainability and economic development, such as from the IHE Water Institute in Delft, Deltares, the UN Environmental Programme, Wageningen University, the Port of Rotterdam, and the Netherlands Water Partnership.

We are always looking for new and innovative collaboration partners. Please contact us if you would like to join forces.