Afghanistan Diplomatic Training
02 Oct 2014 - 14:33

A memorable goodbye

After five weeks of intensive training, the third course for junior diplomats from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan came to a successful end on the 19th of September. The last two weeks of the program dealt with issues of economic and social development and development cooperation.

Highlights of the last two weeks

Highlights were a visit to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to Brussels, were the participants discussed a wide variety of issues with representatives from the European Commission, the NATO and the International Crisis Group. Furthermore, interactive activities such as a water negotiations simulation and a panel discussion on development aid were organized, in which the diplomats had to actively negotiate and discuss the topics at hand. During the last week, the Afghan Embassy in The Hague invited the group to a graduation dinner at their residence, were they enjoyed the real Afghan hospitality and cuisine.

An exceptional homecoming

A very special homecoming news awaited the participants upon their arrival back in Kabul on the 21st of September. Just hours after the plane had arrived, Ashraf Ghani and dr. Abdullah Abdullah announced their formation of a government after two rounds of democratic elections. On the 29th of September, Ashraf Ghani was sworn in as the new president of Afghanistan, and dr. Abdullah Abdullah took up the position as chief executive officer.

The Clingendael Institute wishes every participant all the best in their future careers.