Capacity Building for Afghanistan MFA
04 Jan 2021 - 09:42
Source: Clingendael

In December 2020, Clingendael Academy organised a Capacity Building programme for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. Six staff members of the International Training Department attended a four-day programme, which under the current circumstances was conducted fully online. During the course, Clingendael Academy trainers shared their best practices on issues like curriculum development, monitoring and evaluation, interactives exercises and negotiation skills training.

Digital training tools

One of the current trends in education is blended or hybrid learning, where participants learn both face-to-face and online through digital platforms. Participants for example prepare for their upcoming class virtually, by completing an online module, or can apply their knowledge after class by making virtual assignments.  During the training, a lot of attention was paid to digital training tools, such as Miro, MentiMeter and Articulate Rise. The participants engaged in lively discussions on how to use these tools and how to integrate them in existing training curricula. They also had opportunity to practice with the tools themselves and, at the end of the training, even designed their own training session plans.

With all the challenges which Afghanistan is facing, it was impressive to see with how much dedication the participants attended the training sessions. The insights they gained during the training will certainly be of benefit to the Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in general, and the training of Afghan diplomats in particular.

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