Clingendael Academy Director Ron Ton for training and consultations in Jakarta, Indonesia
11 Jul 2013 - 18:47

In 2004 Clingendael and the Centre for Education and Training (CET) at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) started their cooperation in training and capacity building. We celebrate therefore this year our 10 years anniversary of successful and fruitful cooperation. So far, almost 500 Indonesian junior, midcareer and senior Indonesian diplomats received diplomatic training at the Clingendael Academy in The Hague. Junior diplomats receive as well a Dutch language and culture training at the Erasmus Language Center in Jakarta. The cooperation also includes an exchange of expertise and experience in the improvement of the management of diplomatic trainings and a trainer of trainers programme for the CET.

As an experienced trainer in negotiation techniques and capacity building in diplomatic training, Ron Ton delivered three seminars at the CET. The first one for junior diplomats in international negotiations focusing on different concepts and styles and a simulation game in multilateral negotiations. The second seminar aimed at the management of diplomatic training programmes for staff members of the CET while the third one consisted of a train the trainers programme for ambassadors and senior diplomats in teaching negotiation skills.

Ron Ton conducted meetings at the Netherlands Embassy, the CET and Kemlu. He met with Mr. Budi Bowoleksono, Secretary General, Mr. Umar Hadi, the Director for Western Europe and Mr. Hazairin Pohan, the director of the CET.

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               * Visit Ceremonial Hall of Kemlu together with Mr. Hazairin Pohan,

                  Director CET

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                * Meeting with Secretary General Budi Bowoleksono of Kemlu

                   (Indonesian MFA)

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              * Train the Trainer Programme for Ambassadors and Senior Diplomats

                 on teaching negotiation skills              

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               * Seminar on Management Development for the staff of the CET

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               * Seminar International Negotiations for Indonesian Junior Diplomats