Global Health training for diplomats: a tailor made toolkit
30 Jun 2021 - 17:06
Source: Pixabay

Between 21-24 June, Clingendael Academy provided the second edition of the novel and comprehensive training on Global Health Diplomacy to 15 diplomats across South America, the Caribbean and Africa. Launched in 2020, in response to changing dynamics and accelerated challenges in Global Health Diplomacy as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the course seeks to empower diplomats from countries from across the western hemisphere with the diplomatic toolkit to expand global equal access to vaccines and health and identify effective policies to increase health infrastructure and production capacity. 

Over the course of four days, the participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions with high-level experts from the GAVI institute and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition to a very interesting session on misinformation and propaganda by Prof. Etienne Augé. Our trainers also provided and facilitated a number of tailor-made interactive group trainings and activities, such as a special simulation on international negotiations around access to vaccines, and a regional priority setting exercise for practical use back home. The entire package of events was built around the signature Clingendael method of acquiring knowledge, skills and work processes.

Global Health Diplomacy training June 2021

The training was evaluated with exceptionally high marks by the participants, and we greatly look forward to seeing their continued activities in the field of Global Health Diplomacy to ensure universal and unconditional access to health. Thank you, and good luck!

A second edition of the programme will take place in the fall, for diplomats from the Eastern Hemisphere.